Wednesday, February 20, 2008


How many meals will this squash last for Jonas? That is the challenge to you. Jonas is not holding a formal poll, but just wants you to make a guess of it on your own for the fun of it. You probably need to know how the squash was prepared. The squash was sliced vertically, seeds removed, baked at 350 for 30 minutes cut-face down, then flipped, covered with tin foil and baked for another 37 minutes. After the squash cooled it was scooped out and pureed into "Jonas food". I did manage to sneak a bite, a small bite, and it was quite tasty. Jonas is also eating rice cereal in combo with the squash at least once per day. Happy squashing.


  1. I'm guessing a months worth......UNLESS, Daddy is eating it, too, when feeding Jonas? OH! Forgot to take into account Gretta and Rocky's share, cats eat squash? THAT would put another twist in the equation as well.....
    I guess I will just have to wait until you share the number, eh? :)