Sunday, September 16, 2007

11 day Diaper Count is Ocho

Day 11 diaper count was not without controversy. (Congrats to the five that guessed correctly.) We anticipated a fairly high number, and the Vegas line was at 12 based on the 8,9, and 10 day performances. As you know what shows on paper doesn't matter, you have to play the game and see what happens. The uninitiated probably didn't consider any wildcards, but those that did probably made the right call. It turns out the wild card was Jonas's first extensive barf. He evacuated his stomach contents all over his mom, clothes, and the every thing else in the immediate vicinity. Jonas probably didn't know he was full, and kept eating only to have the partially digested breast-milk burst out his mouth. Everyone was okay, but the diaper count was certainly affected as this was Jonas's lowest diaper count of the last few days. If you haven't counted the diapers in the picture he ended up filling 8 diapers in the 24 hour period.

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